Total Glider Refinishing provides a complete repair and refinishng service using one of Eastern Europes largest engineering and refinishing organisations, specialising in


TGR started as a solution to spiralling repair and refinishing costs that seemed to be excessive. The aim of TGR is to try to pass on the cost savings in both labour and the exchange rate of the Hungarian Forint to owners and operators who don't want to compromise quality but want a reasonable price.


15M refinish from £6500
18M refinish from £6500
20M refinish from £7500
Cockpit from £1500
New GRP Panel from £500


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the refinishing and repair of GRP and Carbon Fibre Sailplanes, Motorgliders and Microlights/Ultralights.

TGR is able to offer refinishing and repair services to the EASA 145 Part M Subpart F but at an amazingly low price.

The work is carried out in a 20,000 sqM facility with a 2000M hard runway and modern workshop facilities for GRP repair and refinish.


Refinishing is carried out by hand using highly experienced technicians and the refinishing is in acrylic which gives an excellent finish and is more durable and resistant to water ingress and cracking than traditional gelcoat, which has now been withdrawn from manufacture.

During the process any defects or issues are photographed and discussed with the client to agree a schedule of action. At all times the emphasis is on the most cost effective and efficient solution for the client.

On Completion the glider is rigged, re-weighed and inspected by a local Inspector.

On return to the UK both aircraft and paperwork are inspected by a BGA Inspector and if required an ARC issued so that the aircraft is delivered to the client ready to just rig and fly.


TGR offer a full integrated and insured Logistic service. The route uses motorway standard roads from the Channel Ports. So both the glider and trailer are subjected to far less vibration and risk of damage. This allows TGR's logistic solution to be extremely competitive compared with other Eastern European solutions. The facility is situated less than 10km from an international airport served by low cost carriers and powered owners can fly their aircraft in for work to be carried out or TGR will arrange ferry of the aircraft at extremely competitive rates.


TGR can offer a very cost effective solution for repairs to aircraft that would otherwise be beyond economic repair.

When refinishing, photographic documentation and liason with the client is carried out at all stages of the repair or maintenance process in order to keep the client informed and to prevent costs from spiralling, a common feature in aviation maintenance.




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